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Many substrates are uneven due to coarse-cast concrete and settlements. When renovating, Subfloor solves these challenges in a simple way. With a dry and fast assembly, the floor ends up the right height and level with laser precision.


The most common type of levelling is with plastic screws - with or without feet. On top of this is placed a chipboard, rag paper (or the like) and any surface layer.


An alternative to our classic wooden joists. The steel joist works well with all floor types - raised floors, acoustic floors and ventilated floors.


A great benefit with a raised floor is that it becomes a natural space for installations.


An acoustic foot is attached to our screw system. This decreases noise up to 28 dB and can be used with our wooden or steel joist.

Is it time to assemble Subfloor?

Have a look at our step by step guide:

Subfloor Documentation

Building Heights

Building heights are a minimum of 31 mm using just the screw and a maximum of 348 mm using the acoustic screw foot.

Installation Checklist

A great advantage of the Subfloor raised floor is that you get it just as even and neat as you want. The air gap that is formed is also a perfect space for drawing and hiding installations.

The smart solution is that the floor joists are held up with adjustable screws that give exact height to eliminate the unevenness and level differences found in the floor. On top of the joists, a floorboard is mounted and then it is free to choose exactly the surface layer you want in the room.

We have put a lot of effort into producing a durable composite material for the screws, which means that Subfloor can withstand high loads.

This has several positive consequences:

  • Joists with few attachment points
  • Quick installation
  • Low labour cost

Choose attachment method:

  • Gluing
  • Shooting with steel nail
  • Attachment with nail plug or wood screw

Which method suits you best depends on the quality of the substrate and the size of the floor area to be regulated. Gluing and shooting with steel nails provides a quick and convenient assembly work.

Match the numbers to the appearance. Have a look at our products!

Where can SubFloor be used?

Terrace / Outdoor Decking


Sport / Activity Floor

Public Spaces


Villa / Town House

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