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Top 3 Asked Questions

Subfloor is a raised flooring system with sound and practical solutions for ventilation, installations, acoustic and outdoor environments.

The acoustic flooring reduces impact sound by up to 28 dB.

What is Subfloor?

Subfloor is a raised flooring system with sound and practical solutions for ventilation, installations, acoustic and outdoor environments. Download the FLS Ltd. Subfloor Brochure 2019

What are the benefits of Subfloor?

Creates beautifully level floors.

Creates space for installations and a natural ventilation space.

Quick, quiet and clean installation.

Freedom of choice between different floor materials.

What is the price of Subfloor?

FLS Ltd. Subfloor m2 Approximate Pricing

What do I need?

What do you want? Check out all our Subfloor products here!

Simple raised floor - This uses a screw and pedestal together with a wood or metal joist

Acoustic Floor - This uses a screw, acoustic foot and a joist of your choosing.

Heights - Screw lengths come in 50 mm, 100 mm, 200 mm & 300 mm.


How do I use Subfloor?

Look at our assembly video and step by step guide:

How high raise Subfloor be raised?

Building heights are a minimum of 31 mm using just the screw and a maximum of 348 mm using the acoustic screw foot. Look at our building heights table to look at all the variations!

How heavy loads can Subfloor take?

The load document will be here soon! However there is never a point load on a single screw as the force is spread out across the floor.

Can Subfloor be used with insulation?

Yes, very easily. Insulation bearers hang onto the Subfloor joists and are available at varying heights. See our products page for all the variations!

Does Subfloor come with Chipboard/top layer?

No, as anything can be placed on top.

How fast is Subfloor to assemble?

Fast. This is how you assemble Subfloor.

The typical speed of assembly with 1 person is:
Smaller rooms, Subfloor system and floor on top = 5 - 6 m2 per hour per person
Smaller rooms, Subfloor System = 6 - 7 m2 per hour per person
Larger rooms, Subfloor System = 10 - 12 m2 per hour per person
Typically an assembly team of two people is recommended. Therefore these values double, for example: Smaller room, Subfloor System = 12 - 14 m2 an hour.

What is Subfloor acoustic?

An acoustic foot is attached to the screw which reduces vibrations and noise by up to 28 dB.

How does the acoustic foot work?

Specially formed rubber within the foot absorbs vibrations, damping their amplitude and therefore the noise levels.

Does a load affect the acoustic damping?

No. The rubber in the foot is formed so that it has different stages of compression to cope with any load.

How can I decrease noise further?

To decrease impact vibration more a gypsum board can be used. Different methods are used depending on the environment. Get in contact for specific enquiries!

Airborne noise can be reduced by using insulation that is attached using our insulation bearers onto Subfloor.

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