A superior but simple system for casting concrete floors.

Combiform screed rail works as a dowel bar holder, form system and construction joint. The steel material and shape gives superior strength with a lightweight rail. CombiForm can act as a crack inducer and when used together with a top extender also acts as a saw cut, saving time and money. A screw system means that fine adjustment can be made to make create super flat flooring and also to increase the height for which CombiForm can be used. 




Available in seven heights
Leave-in-place screed rail and stopper
Suitable for all beddings
Allows continuous pouring
Brilliant simplicity - easy and flexible
Super flat floors
Superior strength
True construction joint
Light weight
Saves on labour and production costs

Screed Rail (measurements in mm)

Tolerances: Length ±5mm and height +4mm/-2mm

(measurements in mm)

Screws 60 mm
Screws 90 mm
Ground Plate
Top Extender
440 Adjustment Tool
1300 Adjustment Tool
Locking Clips fixed size for C45 to C145 Rails

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